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Dec. 11th, 2005 | 03:32 pm

A little while ago our shell was a Cave Antlion away from pulling Tiamat. We
had our full force of people there prepared for the fight. Alliance formed and
making our way to Tiamat for the pull. Unfortunately for us, a Cave Antlion
popped seemingly out of no where, as we were fighting that a couple of members
from GR came in and Ninja-Claimed Tiamat. This left a really bitter taste in our
mouths that we wouldn't soon forget. They held Tiamat with 6 players until the
remainder of their shell was able to come and help out.

After having had this happen to us, We personally knew how much it must have
sucked when we did the same thing to another linkshell. XD

The faces in the background are possibly the saddest faces in all the world. (Awww
poor guys)

Grats Celdina on Kote! (Even though you weren't even there for it!)

I think this was our 9-10th Tiamat? (Lost track)


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