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Xarcabard; Take two

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Nov. 23rd, 2005 | 03:00 pm

I think the guys are really getting enthusiastic about our Xarc runs. This run
we had 30-32 people, By far our best attendance showing yet. The drops wouldn't
disappoint us.

We were able to walk away with our first Duelist Chapeau (Grats Unholy), Grats
to Myth on getting our first Valor Body, even though Galka's look utterly
repulsive wearing this armor that clearly belongs on a Taru =/. Grats Morr (War)
and Lordender (DRK) as well. Freaking magnificent run, can't wait to go back.
With all these cool AF's, we're like JP!

We ended the run with an attempt at the Animated Longstaff. Well...That was fun.
We thought that it might be somewhat manaburnable by 7-10 blm's. We were wrong.



Grats Grifter to our 3rd pair of Gaiters after the Xarc run!
Go nuke in Gaiters you Noobtastic BLM.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it, We got another damned Raifu.
2/6 (If you don't count our misc. BS runs after we got the charm)

What a day.

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