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I'll take some more Vinegar with that.

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Nov. 22nd, 2005 | 01:59 pm

I was really surprised with how fun this fight was. When you think of NM Scorpions, you think of their prototypical ancestors, (Serket, Amikiri, Tyrannik, etc). Unfortunately for you, this scorpion is abso fucking lutely nothing like those. Well I guess I'll take that back, he does do Earth Pounder. This nasty little NM also has a few other distinct characteristics that make this a challenge. His HP Regen is pretty sick. It's not like how Aspid's regen is only when his heads in  his shell. This regen is more like Tiamat x2 regen, if that makes any sense.

One of the things that makes this fight uniquely fun, is the fact that his AoE Spam moves are also AoE Draw-ins. Funny thing is, This will draw you in from whichever part of the zone you just happen to be at in that specific moment in time. Let's say you had just crossed the zone from East Altep to West, If KV has any TP, he'l AoE Spam and draw everyone in your alliance in. It's kinda handy that way, because wher he spawns is kinda long to get to.

His AOE Poison move, the hp/tick is pretty lethal. Most people decide to sub ninja because the shadows will eat the AoE, the mages absolutely MUST bring Poison pots, or else this fight won't work for you period. While we only walked away with Two Earth Crystals, we were consoled with the fact that we were able to defeat him.

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