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Dec. 14th, 2005 | 03:50 pm

What did your Diabolos look like?

Within moments of the server going up, -everyone- went sprawling immediately to
find out how to get the new avatar. Within the hour most of the popular forums
had users posting the necessary steps to obtain Diabolos. Well almost anyway.
Every site seemed to lack the strategy to beat him. If you remember anything
from Diabolos in PM3-5, He'll spam Nightmares at times... Nightmare is AoE
Damage + Sleep...which of course can prove to be quite difficult.

What our group did was go in with Two Designated Stunners, set up a stun order
and did just that. If it was Nightmare or Sleepga 1/2 you are to stun it asap,
no exceptions. While we failed our first attempt, We didn't have the stun order
specifically setup. We wiped at about 1-5%. Our second try went flawlessly. As
we stunned Nightmare and Sleepga without complications, everything else just
fell into place.

Unfortunately for most of the people running to get Diabolos after the patch,
actually getting into the BC was the most formidable part of the excursion.

Diabolos is pretty useful all things considered, next to your other avatars. AoE
Phalanx and Magic Atk/Def up is pretty kickass.

Everything else Diabolos does leaves something to be desired, but I guess only
time will tell how useful this possible gem in the rough of an avatar will prove
itself to be.

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