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I know it's too late, I should have given you a reason to stay..

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Dec. 7th, 2005 | 12:16 pm

Fought Ix'Aern. What a fucked up fight, that's all I have to
say about that.

By the time I'd got there, it'd already been killed 2 times. Thing about Ix'Aern
is, He's an Aern type mob... so yeah, he reraises and stuff. At one point during
our fight it had become a game to try to get Exp chains from killing him over
and over again. In the end, I think the final Tally was 7 reraises before we
finally ended it. Dropped a

deed of Moderation
, closer to fighting JOL! (Not really but still..). Super
Fun fight, can't wait to do some more NM's up in Sea.

God I'm so glad they made Spike Flail

alliance only

Luke called across linkshell that Aspid was up, but -no one- was actively
camping him. There were a few HF Members (Rival JP linkshell, botters, pieces of
crap, etc) But they were just sitting outside the entrance to the Valley, I
guess forming or perhaps they didn't know Aspid had spawned. I seriously felt
like James Bond running from the outpost, Making sure my Invisible lasted until
I was past where HF was poised. If we let them know we were there too soon, we
faces the risk of losing Aspid claim to them. The first people to show up were 4
BLM's, 2 PLD's and a RDM. We didn't really have a "Holding
", so the blm's got down and dirty with some Cures. There were a few
times where Dion and Silencer got pretty low, but hey what do you expect from
us? We're black mages because we enjoy killing shit, not healing you! Our
make-shift holding crew managed to hold out for the short period we needed to.
Even though we have been very limited on players recently, we managed to have
full 18/18 before the fight really started and they had arrived within 5-10
minutes tops. I'm impressed that everyone has the outpost and are readily
available to mobilize if need be immediately. Our group is a really disciplined
shell, I'm pretty impressed to say the least.

After that very fortunate Aspid claim, it was onward to our Fourth Xarcabard.

I would have taken a picture of our second drop, but I was unconscious for the
duration. We were pretty agitated, no AF dropped until the very last NM Set, and
it was BST. I had sarcastically said that BST would be our first AF, wish I was
wrong. Fortunately for us though, the AF gods were on our side.

The First Sorcerer's Petasos I've ever seen drop, up until now It's only been a
legendary Myth to me. When Grifter called my name to lot, I was completely
speechless. Maybe it was the same feeling Arcan got when we collectively passed
the Summoner's Doublet to him a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was a sigh of
relief, Full BLM AF2, It's taken me a little over 13 months of Dynamis runs,
spanning approximately the 100-110 run range. I would say that by far, Black
Mage is probably the hardest AF2 to get, period. It's not necessarily that the
drops are few and far between (Except this damned hat...), It's just that most
Dynamis Shells are pretty over-run with Black Mages. If I hadn't left
Conviction/Mega Boss, I still wouldn't have my hat and god knows how long it
would have been before I did with the 30 other possible black mages that could
have lotted it fairly.

Linkshell Dynamis seriously owns hard, If you haven't tried it already I suggest
you do sooner than later.

(Don't make fun of my Fire Staff or I'll Keeeel you!)



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(no subject)

from: silmarwent
date: Dec. 29th, 2005 03:51 pm (UTC)

Alliance screenshot makes it look like I was dead >.>; I was zoning!!!
Really enjoy your journal Ead. Kinda sad you're caught up finally >.>; (jk..sorta)

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