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The journey looks to be too far for one man to walk alone.

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Nov. 20th, 2005 | 05:39 pm

Foodmonsters Dynamis-Xarcabard 1

All things considered, we had a really good run.

We were able to efficiently kill all 15 NM-type mobs and do some good farming.
(With 25-ish people)

Walked away with a few decent af's tonight. Leadership decided that AF's were
going to be awarded like our abjurations are, by Grifter.


Grats to Chimm on our first pair of Gaiters, you earned em man.


Grats to Lex on our Second pair of gaiters, omfg we're on a roll!



We had a really nice run. Probably the most notable moment of the night was
when All of the Psuedo Summoners passed the Doublet that dropped for Arcan, a
member who's been dreaming of Summoner's Doublet probably since he was level 30.
Our non-xarc rules on Lotting AF are fairly leniant and all, If you can really
use it you can lot it. Pass the AF if you think someone else has a better use
for it (Secondary jobs and what not). Karma allowed another Doublet to drop that
night, along with a few other AF's.

At this pace, my summoner will soon have better gear than my Black Mage =(


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